I forgot I had a blog

There are plenty of things to forget that are fairly innocuous and no one would know all the better:

  • Pennies
  • absent-minded doodles on a partially-used napkin
  • cough drop wrappers
  • Dove chocolate wrappers with inspirational quotes

And then there are somethings that are much more important that makes you wonder, how on earth did I survive adulthood so far?

  • Deadlines
  • Appointments
  • Pushing your part of the code to a group project that nearly tanked all because of your forgetfulness
  • The Way to prevent the VOID from engulfing us all

Thankfully, this blog was in between pennies and VOID-engulfing catastrophes so, to preserve the existence of this…not online diary, I’ll share with you a bittersweet memory.

When I went to counseling, my counselor let me draw some of my feelings out while we talked about balancing my mental health and school.

Counselor: When you wake up in the morning, how do you feel?

Counselor: *laughs* I’m sure that’s an incredibly relatable feeling nowadays since Finals are so close.
Me: Actually, I feel a blend of this as well as this

Counselor: Subdued anger. Frustration. Again, very relatable feelings. And valid too.

We talked a little more about stress management and what to do when I experience a panic attack.

We ended our talk with a brief but memorable quote which I don’t quite remember but it was from Toni Morrison…I think.

I finished it up with this doodle which didn’t impress the Counselor at all.

It wasn’t intended to be insulting but I ended up doing so unintentionally.

After digging these up from an old USB drive I found while unpacking my stuff, I then decided that, while these conjure up bittersweet memories of my cynical, younger self being a brat to those who were trying to help me, these were worth posting up on the internet.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed my Therapy Doodles.


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