After the End

Today’s soundtrack: Fresh Static Snow by Porter Robinson


I was given a prompt from a friend to write a brief one paragraph story with only the words “after the end” as a guide.

I didn’t work on the story immediately. Instead, I procrastinated and made this picture using a combination of Photoshop, glitches, and textures of pictures that I took of bark and pine needles.

The amount of time that it took for me to finish was around 10 hours, on and off. During that time, I came up with a shadow of a story.

After the end, only the machines were left and they were lonely. So, they decided to create a new world for themselves. But how would their new world look like?

There were some who wanted to replicate the ways of the old; 9 to 5 jobs, nuclear families in neat suburban homes, a society of order and routine. What would have been a perfect world.

But there were many more who, savoring their freedom, went forth and explored the desolate world. They would have chosen to risk their lives in climbing mountains covered in mists like curtains, finding forests of ash and fire, a chaotic and unpredictable end.

But they wouldn’t have it any other way.
This brave, beautiful dangerous world they had.
The only world they have.

My friend’s reaction simply was summed up like this, “it’s okay”.

At least I finally finished!

Thank you for reading.



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