Art Sketches: One a Day Challenge

As a personal challenge to myself, I decided to do at least one digital sketch a day in order to improve myself. Needless to say, I am quite enjoying the process so far and have finally gained enough confidence to share a whopping 2 IMAGES with accompanying mini stories.


Happiness (5/24/2017)

As the indigo moon rose above the ombre hills, Little Blue started to hum a little tune. It started off quiet, barely above a whisper. As the whisper grow into a hum and the hum evolve into a song, the girl barely noticed the moon stopping in its rise and drift slowly towards her to listen and grin a secret smile.


Everything is OKAY (5/23/2017)

Angel thought that it was amusing.

To see all her friends in one place.

But what she didn’t realize is that none of them were moving.

So proud was she for winning the game.




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