A designer by trade, most of my experiences rests in the graphic arts field. However, my skills include 3D modelling, UI design, and web design and development.

Having studied Cognitive Science with a specialization in Human-Computer Interaction at UC San Diego, I seek to learn more about engaging design principles and applying them to designing software that are used to create graphics i.e. Photoshop, Maya, and open-source programs like Blender. I hope to become a part of a development team that is engaged in creating a unique User Interface in their products that will help enhance not only their experience but make their workflow simpler and more enjoyable.

In my spare time, I like doodling robots especially if they are Transformers. Are they a form of adaptation and active design at it’s finest or the most brilliant marketing technique ever?! Either way, they’re more than meets the eye.

Currently now, my projects are:

The HUD Experience, blog themes designed to resemble HUD’s from various video games

The Plumseed Chronicles, a story about a little robot’s journey in finding her purpose

METANOIA, a non-linear story line featuring immortals, evolution, and time


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